My name is Kim Hui (pronounced "hoy") and I'm a Boston-based animator and designer. From characters to user interfaces, I love making things move. I also specialize in UX design and enjoy the challenge of translating interactive concepts into clear and fun user-facing experiences.

Was that enough buzz words? Here's a bulleted list!

+ Animation and motion design
+ 2D character animation and rigging
+ Digital illustration and UI design
+ Concepts, prototyping, and proof of concepts
+ Storyboarding and wireframing
+ UX design and game design
+ Optimization and implementation of assets for interactive platforms, including HTML5
+ Mastery of Adobe Animate/Flash
+ Expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch
+ Knowledgeable in After Effects and Principle
+ Experience with art direction and leading small teams

I'm currently a Senior Interactive Designer at Curriculum Associates. I'm open for freelance and consulting or to do work on that indie game you've been thinking about. I love games!

Clients and Projects